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Agriturismo Romantico con piscina in Toscana tra Siena e San Gimignano - TAVERNA DI BIBBIANO

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Weekend romantici in Toscana Siena San Gimignano
Siena Piazza del Campo. Photo with CC license by Chris Yunker
Visiting Siena is a fascinating journey through Time. The medieval old town of Siena, which has remained intact over the centuries, is a unique testimony and evocative presence of medieval architecture. Walking through the streets of Siena you will be astonished by the colour buildings and roofs ...the colour "Sienna", famous in the world, making the landscape of Siena so harmonious and picturesque.

The heart of Siena, now and in its long history, is the Piazza del Campo where converge all the main streets. Surrounded by magnificent medieval buildings, the Piazza del Campo is a perfect place to sit down and look around, overwhelmed by the beauty and uniqueness of the place. Piazza del Campo was for centuries the market place and, always in Piazza del Campo, is held every summer since medieval times the world famous Palio, on 2 July and 16 August.

Piazza del Campo was originally a large lawn, hence the name "Campo", which means "field". It has a semi–circular shape, which looks like a shell. This managed to transform the bumps and irregularities of the ground into a masterpiece of architectural beauty. The floor of the "field" was built between 1327 and 1349 and brings us back to the Government of the Nine, at the beginning of the fourteenth century: in fact the square is divided into nine parts divided by strips of white stones referring to the nine rulers of Siena. On the square facing the Fonte Gaia (which occupies the upper part of the Piazza del Campo and was built between 1409 and 1419 by Jacopo della Quercia)are numerous beautiful palaces looking to the splendid Palazzo Pubblico, dominated by the Mangia tower.

Palazzo Pubblico (meaning the "Public Palace") dates back to thirteenth century. Then, in the first half of the fourteenth century, was built the hall of the Grand Council (Sala del Gran Consiglio) with its splendid frescoes of Buon Governo and Cattivo Governo (Good Government and Bad Government). In 1680 was added the second floor. It currently houses the offices of Siena Municipality.

The magnificent Duomo of Siena in black and white is one of the finest examples of Gothic–Romanesque style in Europe. The altar was made by Baldassarre Peruzzi and the large window was created by Duccio. There are also four sculptures by Michelangelo on the altar Piccolomini and the San Giovanni Battista sculpted by Donatello.

The visit of Siena continues with Palazzo Piccolomini Papesse, a splendid Renaissance palace, the finest of Siena.

A very interesting architectural piece is the Merchants Lodge while, among the museums and art galleries, the most important are Museo dell'Opera Metropolitana del Duomo di Siena , the National Art Gallery of Siena (Galleria Nazionale) and the Museum of the City Hall (Museo Civico), the museum of Santa Maria della Scala.

Magnificent tuscan Farmhouse at approximately 30 minutes drive from Siena
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