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Visit Tuscany

Tuscany is a special land: its history, combined with a sweet and varied environment, makes it a place where landscape and architectural beauties blend harmoniously.  Not to mention the fine wines and the simple and genuine gastronomy.


Visit Romantic Tuscany

Tuscany is many things.  One particularly evident aspect, however, is its romantic appeal.  Visiting Tuscany means strolling through ancient stone villages, small churches, rolling hills.  The colors of sunflowers, alfalfa, broom… Every morning and every sunset are an inspiration.  A poem of beauty and romance.


Visit San Gimignano

The historic center of San Gimignano with its medieval towers and its rich artistic and cultural heritage is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 A visit to San Gimignano is a must.  The Taverna di Bibbiano, a few kilometers from the town, also offers you an unmissable panorama in which San Gimignano is the protagonist at any time of the day or evening!


Visit Colle di Val d'Elsa

Colle Val d’Elsa is a beautiful and ancient town near San Gimignano, Volterra and Siena, whose original residential nucleus is perched on a hill.
 In ancient times the city was divided into three parts: the Borgo di Santa Caterina, the Castle of Piticciano and the Piano, now simplified into “Colle alta” and “Colle bassa”.


Visit Siena

Visiting Siena is like a fascinating journey through time.  The medieval historic center of Siena, which has remained intact over the centuries, is a unique and evocative testimony of medieval architecture.

 Walking through the streets of the city, one is won over by the color of the buildings, houses, roofs… by that world-famous “Terre di Siena” color which makes the landscape of Siena so harmonious and picturesque.


Visit Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is an itinerary of history, a main road traveled in the past by thousands of pilgrims which took them from Canterbury to Rome.

 It was above all after the year 1000 that Europe was crossed by a multitude of souls “in search of the Lost Heavenly Fatherland”.


Romantic paths

Romantic place par excellence, located on a hill from which you can see the countryside and the splendid San Gimignano, the Taverna di Bibbiano is the ideal place for a romantic holiday and an ideal base for daily romantic itineraries between Siena and Florence.


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